Partnering with Ambulatory Surgery Centers to decrease cost, improve patient outcomes and increase revenue.

The FlowerADVANTAGE™ PROGRAM has four pillars each designed to increase profitability of ASC’s, while improving patient outcomes and access to top of the line care.

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FlowerBucket™ Pricing offers the ASC competitive and predictable construct pricing with no hidden cost.

How it works:

  • Common surgical indications are recognized and all components identified to create the construct
  • FlowerBucket™ Pricing is established and invoiced as one price per procedure
  • No hidden/extra costs
  • Flexibility to accommodate all surgical preferences

FlowerEcoImplant™ line is a value based implant portfolio capable of accommodating challenging reimbursement scenarios.

How it works:

  • Flower has two implant lines that are based on the same technology
  • Both lines us the same locking mechanism, screws & instruments
  • Eco Implant Line offers equivalent clinical outcomes at a reduced cost

FlowerBuyBack™ allows ASC to sell used instruments back to Flower.

How it works:

  • FlowerPot™ is placed in facility
  • Used instruments are collected after each surgery
  • Flower collects used instruments and pays the facility quarterly for all FlowerBuyBack™ instruments

Flower Ready-For-Surgery™ implant system saves considerable time and cost throughout the supply chain.

How it works:

  • No Implant trays are processed
  • Product is always sterile and available for surgery
  • Implant related case delays are eliminated
  • OR turn time is eliminated
  • Cases are completed faster
  • Infection risk is decreased from dirty instruments