Flower Orthopedics launches the Flower E-Kit™ and Indicationcube™

Following the footsteps of the single-use and sterile FlowerCube™ concept, Flower Orthopedics announces the full market launch of the next generation in Ready-for-Surgery™ bone fixation solutions, the Flower E-Kit™. First of its kind, the innovative E-Kit™ contains all of the requisite cannulated and plating instruments in one multifunctional single-use instrument kit. Combined with the new IndicationCube™, it is an all-in-one solution tailored to address specific surgical indications.

Designed to reduce surgical steps, the E-Kit™ allows the surgeon to quickly and efficiently position all implants of midfoot, forefoot and ankle constructs. Compared to the current market standard, the Flower E-Kit™ effectively replaces two complete orthopedic instrument trays, reducing the waste associated with costly sterilization cycles in the operative facility.

The Flower IndicationCube™ utilizes the E-Kit™ as its nucleus to combine all of the implants required for a particular surgical indication in one easily portable Ready-for-Surgery™ set.  The IndicationCube™ significantly reduces the number of extraneous components in the surgical field, allowing surgical teams to streamline the entire implantation process of the surgery.

“The E-Kit™ represents the next generation of single-use instrument kits. Using the E-Kit™ a physician is able, with only the four instruments in the kit, to complete complex foot reconstruction or even a comminuted ankle fracture procedure in significantly less time” says Oliver Burckhardt, President & CEO of Flower Orthopedics. “The IndicationCube™, a new exciting addition to the FlowerCube portfolio, is specifically intended for foot ankle and ankle indications where plates are often used in combination with cannulated screws. It houses all of the implants that can be applied using the E-Kit™. As both the E-Kit™ and IndicationCube™ prove, Flower Orthopedics is all about driving Surgical Efficiency”.

Like all Flower bone fixation products, the Flower E-Kit™ and all implant components contained in the IndicationCube™ are sterile packaged and delivered Ready-for-Surgery™.

Flower Orthopedics: Surgical Efficiency Drives Healthcare Costs Savings

Whether it is addressing infection potential, eliminating set reprocessing expenses or preventing untimely delays in the OR, the Flower Orthopedics Ready-for-Surgery™ portfolio is a proven method that surgeons and healthcare facilities can use to reduce the overall cost of providing patient care.  The Flower development team works tirelessly with leading surgeons to decrease the number of surgical steps of a given procedure and to design instruments that make surgeries faster and more reproducible. Combining the surgical efficiency with the inherent efficiencies of the Ready-for-Surgery™ model, Flower Orthopedics is reducing the cost of care for a wide range of extremity applications. (