Flower Orthopedics adds to its Market Leading Ready-for-Surgery™ Platform

Flower Orthopedics, the leader in surgical efficiency, announces the full market launch of the Medial Column Fusion and the Low Profile Lapidus Plating Lines as the latest additions to the company’s market leading Ready-For-Surgery™ platform.

The Medial Column Fusion Plate is anatomically designed to provide efficient and improved alignment when performing flatfoot reconstruction.  Plates are contoured to best fit patient anatomy and allow for each joint to be individually compressed. Flower’s Medial Column Fusion Plate is easier to position than other plates on the market. The location of the locking holes ensures that the screws target areas of maximum bone purchase while avoiding adjacent structures.  “Combined with the use of the E-Kit™, the Flower system reduces the surgical time unlike any product I have seen,” commented Richard Derner, DPM, Past President of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

The Low Profile Lapidus Plate offers physicians the latest in surgical versatility while creating a low profile construct with robust fixation.  The Flower Low Profile Lapidus Plates present surgeons with a range of options to accommodate various patient anatomy and treatment modalities when performing a Lapidus bunionectomy.  “The new Lapidus plate shape easily avoids the Tibialis Anterior tendon and its low profile greatly minimizes the potential for soft tissue irritation,” commented John Levin, DPM of the Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County, Florida.

The new plating lines are used in conjunction with the Flower E-Kit™, the only single use kit that contains all of the instruments necessary to implant a plate and cannulated screw construct.  

Flower Orthopedics: Surgical Efficiency Drives Healthcare Costs Savings
Whether it is addressing infection potential, eliminating set reprocessing expenses or preventing delays in the OR, the Flower Orthopedics Ready-for-Surgery™ portfolio is a proven method that reduces the overall cost of providing patient care.  Flower‘s development team works tirelessly with leading surgeons to decrease the number of surgical steps of a given procedure and design instruments that make surgeries faster and more reproducible. Combining the surgical efficiency with the inherent efficiencies of the Ready-for-Surgery™ model, Flower Orthopedics is reducing the cost of care for a wide range of extremity applications.