Flower E-Kit™

The innovative Flower E-Kit™, designed as the pinnacle in surgical efficiency contains all of the necessary instruments for cases requiring the use of both plates and cannulated screws

Efficient Save Time

  • Multifunctional instruments streamline surgical steps
  • Reduces back table clutter
  • Faster OR turn over time

Economical Save Money

  • Eliminates at least two competitive trays per surgery from the sterilization cycle
  • Eliminates costly surgical delays
  • Reduces resource consumption

Effortless Easy to Implement

  • Brand new instruments for every case
  • Eliminates cleaning and post-op handling
  • Highest quality instruments in the surgeon’s hands

Common Uses (plate and cannulated screw):   

  • Lapidus Procedure   
  • MTP Fusion   
  • TMT Fusion   
  • Bimalleolar Ankle fractures

Flower E-Kit Components:

T15 Cannulated Screw Driver

  • For use in inserting plating and cannulated screws
  • Textured handle with flats

Cannulated Depth Gauge & Countersink

  • Dual instrument reduces surgical steps
  • Sharp countersink tip provides easier cutting

Olive Wires

  • 1.8mm Olive Wires (2) for use in locking plates

Guide Wires

  • Cobalt Chrome Guide Wires (2) for use with cannulated screws

Plating Depth Gauge

  • Enhanced engagement of the far cortex
  • Easy to read number scale