The Flower Forefoot plate portfolio contains low profile stabilization plates, designed to provide robust fixation while reducing implant prominence. Anatomic plate configurations with compression slots and all locking plates are available in multiple lengths and sizes to treat a wide variety of fractures and osteotomies.

  • Bend zones facilitate optimal contouring
  • Variable screw placement up to 20° cone
  • Compression slots allow for fragment compression
  • Low profile, 1.5mm thickness
  • All screws sit flush within the plate

 Common Uses:   

  • Fractures, osteotomies and fusions of the lesser metatarsals


Compression T-Plates (Proximal metatarsal)
  • Holes: 7,8
Compression T-Plates, Oblique (5th metatarsal, base and head)
  • Orientation: Left, Right
  • Holes: 7
Compression Y-Plates (Distal metatarsal)
    • Holes: 6, 7
    Akin Plate
      • For Akin osteotomy
      • Holes: 2 (with compression slot)
      Small Bone Straight Plates
        • Holes: 4, 6, 8, 16
        Small Bone L-Plates
          • Orientation: Left, Right
          • Holes: 6
          Small Bone Oblique T-Plates
            • Orientation: Left, Right
            • Holes: 6
            Small Bone T-Plates
              • Holes: 6, 7

              Screw Options

              • 1.5mm Variable Angle Locking Screw
              • 1.5mm Variable Angle Non-Locking Screw
              • 2.0mm Variable Angle Locking Screw
              • 2.0mm Variable Angle Non-Locking Screw
              • 2.4mm Variable Angle Locking Screw
              • 2.4mm Variable Angle Non-Locking Screw
              • 2.4mm Compression Screw