We Build a More Efficient Case

Flower Orthopedics is the leader in Ready-for-SurgeryTM bone fixation. We deliver surgical efficiencies and drive cost savings that reduce overall case expenditures.

The unique design of the new Flower Lapidus Plate provides surgeons with multiple placement options to best accomodate patient anatomy and surgical strategy

The new anatomic low profile Flower MTP Plate produces a secure plating construct with limited incision.

The Medial Column Fusion Plate provides robust anatomic-based fixation and facilitates efficient and improved alignment.

The innovative Flower E-KitTM streamlines surgical steps, and helps reduce valuable time in the operating room.

Designed for specific surgical indications, the FlowerCubeTM contains all of the bone fixation implants and instruments required for the case. All products are sterile packaged, single-use and always Ready-for-SurgeryTM.

Optimized for Surgical Efficiency, the FlowerCartTM can be customized to hold the entire portfolio and support multiple ORs at the same time.

Developed with Surgical Efficiency in mind, Flower Biologics offers a comprehensive ambient temperature stored Amniotic Allograft Platform.