The Flower Midfoot Plates provide enhanced, anatomic stabilization of fractures, osteotomies, and fusions of the foot. Biomechanically engineered, the Flower anatomic and procedure-specific plates are the next generation in reconstructive foot surgery.

  • Anatomically contoured and low profile
  • Compression slots for anatomic compression
  • Accepts 2.7mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm and 4.0mm screw diameters for optimal stability
  • Variable angle screw placement up to 30° cone
  • Screws sit flush within the top of the plate

 Common Uses:   

  • Lapidus Bunionectomy
  • MTP, N-C and TMT Fusions
  • Fractures, osteotomies and joint fusions of the midfoot


Lapidus Plates (Low Profile Locking)
  • Versions: Alpha, Beta
  • Holes: 4
  • Accommodates dorsal-medial and medial-plantar placement
MCP Plates (Medial Column Fusion)
  • Orientation: Left, Right
  • Holes: 10
MTP Plates
  • Orientation: Left, Right
  • Inline and convergent styles
  • Holes: 5, 6
  • Pre-countered with 0 or 5 degrees of dorsiflexion options
TMT Plates
    • Orientation: Left, Right, Straight
    • Holes: 5, 6
    • Pre-contoured with plantarflexion
    NC Plates (Navicular Cuneiform Fusion)
      • Orientation: Left, Right
      • Holes: 4
      • Provides stability on the plantar side of the neutral axis
      Utility Plates
        • Holes: 4, 5
          • Holes: 4
          X-Compression Plates
            • Holes: 5
            • Lengths: 17mm and 22mm
            Two Hole Locking Plate
              • Holes: 2
              Two Hole Compression Plate
                • Holes: 2
                Straight Plate with Slots
                  • Holes: 4, 5, 6

                  Screw Options

                  • 2.7mm Variable Angle Locking Screw
                  • 2.7mm Variable Angle Non-Locking Screw
                  • 2.7mm Variable Angle Compression Screw
                  • 3.0mm Variable Angle Locking Screw
                  • 3.0mm Variable Angle Non-Locking Screw
                  • 3.5mm Variable Angle Locking Screw
                  • 3.5mm Variable Angle Compression Screw
                  • 4.0mm Variable Angle Compression Screw